Youto Cut Glass (妖都切子, youto kirko) is sold by a popular glass shop in Youto. While glass is still a rarity in the Hidden Realm, Youto Cut Glass is handcrafted there. The method begins with a technique taken from the Apparent World, but the finalized version is unique to the Hidden Realm.[1]


The particular Youto cut glass bowl given to Aoi as a gift from Odanna is a clear pink color which fades to a more opaque white on the outer rims. Four sets of two and a half flowers with loose petals and leaves decorate the bowl.


This kind of glass first appears when Aoi sees it in a store during her first visit to Youto.[2] Aoi admires it and calls it pretty. Odanna is quick to offer to buy it for her, going so far as to tell her not to hold back if she wants it. To this offer, Aoi replies, "There is nothing scarier than something free" (but she still does not turn down his dinner invitation).

The next day[3], Aoi is surprised to find that same glass bowl delivered to her at the Annex. With the gift comes a note from Odanna which simply says, "Use this as you like." And so Aoi puts ice cream in it and brings it to Suzuran, who is newly arrived to Tenjin-ya. During the chaotic scene which follows, however, both the Youto cut glass bowl and ice cream end up on Aoi's head. Odanna thus comes upon Aoi using the bowl as a helmet, and laughs in amusement. Later, even though Aoi chastises Odanna for buying the bowl for her in the first place, she smiles and admits that she really likes it. Odanna smiles back, saying he is glad to hear her say so.