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Tube Kittens (管子猫) are cute yet weak cat-like ayakashi in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. A group of them live in the bamboo on the mountain behind Tenjin-ya.


They are white, cat-like ayakashi and are able to fly. Their long bodies possess only a pair of forelegs with no hindlegs and they end in curled, ghost-like wisps. They often have blushed cheeks.


When returning to Moonflower from the Hot Spring Annex, Aoi comes across Byakuya playing with the tube kittens. As Byakuya keeps his affection for the tube kittens a secret, he is horrified. Aoi is reminded of when she fed Kappa in the Apparent Realm when she sees Byakuya playing with the tube kittens. While Byakuya is at first defensive, thinking Aoi might blackmail him like Shirō Tsubaki once did, this allows Aoi to make a more innocuous request of him. Byakuya willingly goes with her to Moonflower and provides her information on the royal couple's history.



Byakuya keeps his obviously great affection for tube kittens a secret, even when he is caught playing with and cooing to them. He insists that he neither likes nor dislikes tube kittens, and that he only visits them because they are weak and need his protection. While the tube kittens living behind Tenjin-ya are wild ayakashi, an outsider might mistake them to be his pets. The tube kittens say they have no choice but to follow Byakuya's orders.

Aoi Tsubaki

She immediately finds them cute. The tube kittens think she smells nice and are quick to announce that they like humans and human women.