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"Toki no Suna" (時の砂) is a character song for Akatsuki and Suzuran, performed by Yuuma Uchida and Maaya Uchida. It was used as the fifth episode closing song of the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi anime.

English Lyrics

Seeking a perch,
We press our shoulders together, trembling.
Hiding words from a day long ago that brought a blush to our cheeks.

The crimson drops softly caressing our cheeks.

The exquisite sands of time fall gently into a pile,
Quietly burying both lies and truths,
The present world tugs at out hair
and we dash over like a fiery arrow.

When we exchanged glances,
our eyes were smiling,
as they are even now.

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『かくりよの宿飯』キャラクターソング集 プロモーション映像第2弾 暁(CV 内田雄馬)&鈴蘭(CV 内田真礼)「時の砂」

『かくりよの宿飯』キャラクターソング集 プロモーション映像第2弾 暁(CV 内田雄馬)&鈴蘭(CV 内田真礼)「時の砂」