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Ranmaru (乱丸) is one of the supporting characters in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. Known also as the Dog God, he is the lead manager of the rival inn, Orio-ya, and is one of the eight Hachiyo of the Hidden Realm.


Ranmaru has the appearance of a lean, young man. His eyes are blue. He wears his long, red hair up in a half pony tail and he has dog-like ears and tail.


Ranmaru is usually seen to be arrogant and angry, and seems to have manipulative tendencies as he manipulated Aoi into getting the mermaid scale after agreeing to give Ginji back to Tenjin-ya However, according to Princess Iso, he has a strong sense of justice and loyalty. The only times he is ever seen concerned about anything or anyone is when Aoi held Nobunaga, the mascot of Orio-ya, "hostage".



Powers & Abilities

Ranmaru's abilities are shown to be similar to Ginji's, but so far, two known forms have been seen:


  1. Tiny Komainu:
    Ranmaru as a komainu
    First seen in episode twenty-four.
  2. Grown Komainu:
    Ginji holding Ranmaru
    This form is seen in episode nineteen. It is reminiscent of Ginji's grown Kitsune form. In this form, his eyes are darker blue and narrow. He has white marks around his eyes and on the top of his head. His ears are pointed like Ginji's form, and he is seen wearing the rope that ties his kimono on his neck. Unlike Ginji, his muzzle is not as pointed and is similar to a dog's muzzle. His fur is entirely red.



Ginji was like a brother to Ranmaru when they were young and being taken care of by Princess Iso. They were shown to be extremely close even though they were polar opposites. Ginji would protect him if he was picked on because Ginji never lost a fight. After Iso's passing, the pair came to Orio-ya. As they got older, they grew further apart with Ginji as the young master and Ranmaru as the lead manager. They started to butt heads causing them to have a falling out. Even though Ranmaru is often cold to GInji, he has deep respect and compassion for him.


Princess Iso

Shirō Tsubaki

Aoi Tsubaki



Ranmaru seems to care greatly for Nobunaga, expressing great concern and even distress for him when Aoi held him hostage in order to get Ginji back. This relationship with Nobunaga is expanded on when Princess Iso mentions that Ranmaru, as a child, found an ugly Okuri-Inu (Nobunaga) while visiting a town, loved it very much, and adopted it.


Ranmaru has respect for the young master at Orio-ya even though he is a bit hard on Hideyoshi. He feels no one will be a better young master than Ginji.


  • Ranmaru has the tendency to snap at people for saying anything negative about Nobunaga