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Raijū (雷獣) is one of the supporting characters in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series.


Raiju is portrayed as a man with gold eyes and long blond hair that drapes in the front with the rest being tied back into a ponytail. He has a lightning shaped tattoo on the left side of his face. His ears come to a point and tilt downward slightly. He also has red earring studs in both of his ears. As befits his noble status, he wears an elegant gold haori coat over a dark blue kosode like outfit with white tabi.


As shown in the episodes so far, he is arrogant and seems to delight in making others suffer. Hatori describes him as being "a twisted hedonist" with a penchant for being impulsive and cruel.[1]

He is shown to have little respect for the previous Hachiyo Iso-hime, as he disrespects the way she died in the Dragon ruins to save the Southern Lands after the ceremony failed.[2]


Raiju was the one responsible for causing the betrayal that led to the failure of the Southern Land's curse cleansing ceremony 300 years ago, which resulted in the self sacrifice of Princess Iso, the Hachiyo at the time.


Raiju is first seen speaking with Ranmaru regarding the failure of Ginji in getting the mermaid scale from the Dragon Ruins. He is then seen for the remainder of the episodes taking an interest in Aoi Tsubaki and her exploits in gathering all the necessary ceremony items.[3]

Powers & Abilities

He controls thunder and lightning.



Aoi Tsubaki




  • As revealed in episode 19, Raiju is very skilled at playing the flute.
  • According to Hatori, he is of the same noble level as Ougon-douji.
  • While the reason is unknown, Raiju is shown to be frightened of Byakuya.