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Ougon-douji (黄金童子)[1] is one of the supporting characters of the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. She is the founder of the two inns, Tenjin-ya and Orio-ya. While she maintains an active role as mistress innkeeper of Orio-ya, she still holds authority over Tenjin-ya.[2]





The young girl arrives at the financially-struggling Moonflower one day because she smelled azuki and wished to eat some. Aoi had just finished her first attempt at making azuki milk gelatin and freely offers it. The young girl finds the food delicious. The two of them also talk of Aoi's ambition to keep the eatery running. In the end, the young girl gives Aoi her temari ball as a token of her thanks for the azuki. In the following days after the young girl's visit, the Moonflower is packed with guests, which saves the eatery from an early demise.[3]

Powers & Abilities



  • The red color of the azuki bean has been thought to have magical powers and could herald good fortune and ward off evil[4]. Perhaps it comes as no surprise, then, that a zashiki-warashi yokai, who heralds good fortune, was drawn to Aoi by such lucky food.
  • While douji (童子) can simply mean child, which suits Ougon-douji's appearance, a douji is also a type of noh theater mask representing a young child with a fairy-like quality of eternal youth.[5]