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The Kind Ayakashi[1] is one of the supporting characters in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. They saved a young Aoi years ago by giving her food when she was starving and near death. Their identity is currently unknown.


Kind Ayakashi full body ep01
In Aoi's memories, the kind ayakashi wears a white mask. The mask has a purple oval/diamond on the forehead; purple dot eyebrows; narrow eye slits with no eyes visible; a long, lean nose; and full, pink or purple lips. They also have long and wavy blue hair.

Their neck is darkened by shadow and their body is shapeless, as though wearing loose clothing. When they reach out to take Aoi's hand[2], their skin and nails are as white as their mask. The nails are short and trimmed.



The Kind Ayakashi appears to Aoi when she is starving, near death, after her mother leaving her alone in the house. She asks for food, which they comply, allowing her to continue to live.[3] They talk to her about a place she must eventually go to, which desperately needs her. The Kind Ayakashi tells her to promise that when she is an adult, they will come get her and make her their bride. Aoi asks who they are but never receives an answer.[4]


Powers & Abilities


Aoi Tsubaki

Aoi remembers the kind ayakashi fondly for saving her life. She states she will never forget them.



  1. Due to the mysterious nature of the character, no proper name or voice actor has been given.
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