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Kasuga (春日) is one of the supporting characters in Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. She is a raccoon dog and an employee at Tenjin-ya.


Kasuga has the youthful appearance of a small girl. She has dark red hair. The fur of her ears are the same dark red and have dark brown tips. Her eyes are amber: light brown with a copper tint. Two locks of hair are tied on each side of her face by short white ribbons.

She wears a rose colored kimono with the standard work black apron. On her feet she wears white tabi (traditional Japanese socks) and zori (flat, thonged sandals) with blue straps.

In her tanuki form, her whole body is light brown. She has dark brown ear tips and a dark brown mask around black eyes. Her two white ribbons remain, sticking out behind the bottom of her ears.


She is very bright and casual. She is also interested in various things and speaks frankly to Aoi who is a human being.



Powers & Abilities

Kasuga as Tanuki

She can shapeshift into a tanuki.


  • Tanuki: First seen in episode


Aoi Tsubaki




  • Tanuki, or the Japanese raccoon dog, is the common name of the specie Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus. Being part of Japanese folklore, the bake-danuki is a kind of "ghost tanuki", reputed to be mischievous, jolly and a master of shapeshifting.