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Byakuya (白夜) is one of the supporting characters of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. He is the chief of the accounting office of Tenjin-ya. Cutting down on things with no potential and investing in opportunities is his personal doctrine.[1]



Byakuya is very knowledgeable and strict. He tends to stay away from the other employees of Tenjin-ya, which is shown when Akatsuki is surprised to see him eating at Moonflower. Byakuya does have a soft side, such as when Aoi finds him playing with the tube kittens in the forest. He wants to keep his soft side for the tube kittens kept secret and acts flustered when Aoi brings something up about them. Although, for the most part, Byakuya does his best to keep up his reputation for being a strict and unfriendly Chief of Accounting.


He originally served in the imperial court of Youto.


Powers & Abilities


Aoi Tsubaki

Since Byakuya is in charge of Tenjin-ya's finances, he finds Aoi's restaurant to be an unnecessary risk and thinks she should just marry Ōdanna. He also did not like Aoi's grandfather, Shirō, because not only did he owe Odanna 100 million yen, he also cost Tenjin-ya enormous amounts of money over the years on broken furniture, unpaid bills, and the theft of food and alcohol from the kitchen. Byakuya tends to hold that grudge against Aoi.


Although Byakuya respects Odanna as master innkeeper, he could not understand Odanna's friendship with Shiro, who caused so much debt for Tenjin-ya.




Shirō Tsubaki

Byakuya hated Shirō purely because all Shirō did was nothing but losses to Tenjin-ya all the time since he'd treat other guests with alcohol when he had no money and make a lot of problems to Tenjin-ya.


He was a worker like Byakuya but he was not diligent and sensible which is why he was jobless, Byakuya is furious of him for attacking the master's fiancee which is Aoi which is why Byakuya wants to beat the crap out of him.


  • The kanji used for Byakuya (白夜) means white night.
  • The word for the yokai Hakutaku is normally written as 白澤, which uses the kanji for white and marsh. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi writes Hakutaku as 白択, which uses the kanji for white and choice.