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Ai is one of the supporting characters in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series.


With the exception of green hair, and dark emerald green eyes, her appearance is replicated to look like Aoi, when commanded to "Transform into Aoi Tsubaki".


As a newly-born and unstable ayakashi, she is very affectionate with both Ōdanna and Aoi. Upon her first meeting with Aoi and Odanna, she hugs Ōdanna and Aoi, while repeating their names over and over, much like a young child or toddler.[1]


An ayakashi born from the green flame pendant that Ōdanna gave Aoi before her trip with Ginji to the Eastern Land's Foreign Delicacy Market. Described as having the mentality of a "newborn baby".

Her name comes from being "the first fruit of our love" according to Ōdanna (Master). Her name, Ai, means love in Japanese and Chinese.


While Aoi and Ōdanna were in the Southern Island (where Orio-ya is located), Ōdanna instructs Aoi to command the green fire pendant to "Transform into Aoi Tsubaki". Afterwards, Ai takes on the appearance of Aoi Tsubaki, with slight changes to her hair and eyes.

Powers & Abilities

Recently formed, Ai is described as a very unstable ayakashi for an ogre fire, but demonstrates some transformation ability.


  1. Aoi Tsubaki: Seen in Episode 17. When instructed to "Transform into Aoi Tsubaki" by Aoi, she appears out of Aoi's green flame pendant.



Aoi Tsubaki


Ōdanna teases Aoi saying that she (Ai) is the first fruit of their love, indicating that Ai is like a child born from Aoi and Ōdanna.


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